Jig Heads


Wire holders on the both sides of jig are pressed onto the jig. Ensures the jig stay at the jig head. Jig stay in the right position after the hardest zander hit.

Sizes: 3g, 5g, 7g, 9g, 11g, 13g and 17g

Color: steel

Price: 3,00 € / pcs

Vertical Jig Heads

Vertical Jig Head VERTTI

Designed for vertical jigging.

Sizes: 15g, 25g and 35g

Color: steel

Price: 3,50 € / pcs

Painted and heared VERTTI.

Vertti has hair on he head which swimming slowly and attractive in the water. Zander can't resist it!

In vertical jigging zander mainly strike jigs head where hair located.

Sizes: 25g and 35g

Colors: white, yellow and orange

Prce: 6,50 € / pcs