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Volfram mormyshka JEKKU

High-quality Volfram mormyshka racing and hobby use.

Made Hayabusa thin wire fly hook. Available in 2 mm and 3 mm ball.

Colors: gold, metallic blue, metallic green, metallic purple, fluoresent red,  fluoresent yellow, black nickel

Sizes: 2 mm ball hook No. 16, 3 mm ball hook No. 14.

Price: 2,20 € / pcs

Volfram mormyshka JIPPO

The frame length of 3 mm and 5 mm ball.

Colors: Gold

Made of chemically sharpened fly hook.

Sizes: 3 mm ball hook No. 16, 5 mm ball hook No. 12

Price: 2,20 € / pcs  

Mormyshkas for salmonids

Mormyshka LATUSKA

Suitable for fishing large graylings, freshwater whitefishes and arctic chars.

Mormyshka has a light and slim body that slopes as slowly as possible in water. Equipped with a sturdy, chemically sharpened Streamer hook no 8. The hook can accommodate a large number of fly larvae which salmonids love.

Color: orange/yellow/orange

Price: 3.50 € / pcs


Color: Orange/yellow

Price: 5,00 € / pcs